AeroFLEX 45° Reducer Bend Silicone Hose


AeroFLEX SMS Performance 45° Reducer Silicone Hose This high quality 4 & 5 ply silicone has been tested and used in the industry for years. As you would know we will only stock the highest quality parts available that we would use on our own cars. AeroFLEX is commonly used on intercooler piping, intake piping, radiator hoses, methanol fuel hose, turbo, transport and industrial applications. Part numbers are as follows as per the below table  ( SMS 45R150-100,SMS 45R150-125,SMS 45R175-150,SMS 45R225-200,SMS 45R250-200,SMS 45R250-225,SMS 45R300-200,SMS 45R300-225,SMS 45R300-250,SMS 45R300-275,SMS 45R350-300,SMS 45R400-300,SMS 45R400-350 ) Available in Blue and Black Colour

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