Aluminium Fuel & Oil OD Hard Line Tube


This tube is available in 4 sizes in three different lengths It is easy to bend and flare and when used in conjunction with 818 & 819 tube nuts and sleeves,a totally leak free seal is achieved! Supplied coiled it can be straightened and routed with ease to make your job of increasing the tube size in your vehicle a breeze. Commonly used for fuels,and on board fire extinguisher lines.  

440-04-41/4″  6.35mm0.178″/ 4.53 mm12.5ft / 3.81m
440-06-63/8″  9.53mm0.304″ / 7.71 mm12.5ft / 3.81m
440-08-81/2″ 12.70mm0.428 / 10.88 mm12.5ft / 3.81m
440-10-105/8″ 15.88mm0.554″ / 14.06 mm12.5ft / 3.81m

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