Flare Reducers


Speedflow manufactures a comprehensive range of flare reducers, expanders and extensions. We are also extending our range of plugs and caps to include metric to complement our popular imperial sizes. Part numbers are as follows as per the below table ( 950-04-03 950-04-03-BLK 950-06-03 950-06-03-BLK 950-06-04 950-06-04-BLK 950-07-06* 950-07-06-BLK 950-08-06 950-08-06-BLK 950-10-06 950-10-06-BLK 950-10-08 950-10-08-BLK 950-12-08 950-12-08-BLK 950-12-10 950-12-10-BLK 950-16-12 950-16-12-BLK 950-20-16 950-20-16-BLK )

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