Our 400 series hose is manufactured by Gates and designed specifically for 400 series pushlock style fittings. This hose has an elastomer tube with a smooth outer cover. This is not recommended for use with unleaded fuels or use in high pressure applications or suction systems.This hose suitable for use with synthetic lubricants, oils, air, coolant and methanol. Temperature Range: -46°C (-50.8°F) to 150°C (302°F) Part numbers are as follows as per the below table ( 400-04,400-06,400-08,400-10,400-12 )

  • Please Select the  Drop down with the Product Part Number from the above table to view the item price.
  • Quantity is mesured in meters ( Eg. Quantity 3 is a 3 meter length hose).
  • If you want them cut for specific lengths send the lengths at the Checkout.