Hose Adapters Perth

We supply high quality swivel hose adapters, radiator hose adapter fittings, metric adapter fittings and more

To every masterpiece, there is a final piece. Motorsport enthusiasts know this better than most – to complete your high-performance vehicle or boat you require hose adapters to match your braided hosing and hose ends. Lost Racing Products supplies premium quality, tried-and-tested adapters, which meet or exceed all international standards.

As with the rest of our selection of brands, we take the time and care to select hose adapters designed by manufacturers with proven experience and technical expertise. Our support team is on hand and readily available to explore the full range of options available to you when you visit our store or workshop. We offer advice on maintenance, cleaning and even inspection because, like you, our passion is to maintain a high standard of performance.

What is the difference between a male and a female adapter?

The majority of shoppers may have now encountered the classification ‘female’ and ‘male’ when referring to performance parts and fittings. It’s true, not all connectors are exactly the same and this applies to adapters as well. Generally speaking, in manufacturing, electrical trades and mechanical trades the ‘female’ connector is typically a receptacle that receives and holds the ‘male’ connector.

A male connector is commonly referred to as a ‘plug’ whereas a female connector is commonly referred to as a ‘jack’.

Our wide range of adapter products includes:

  • Female hose adapter
  • Metric adapter fittings
  • Radiator hose adapter fittings
  • Male hose adapter
  • Swivel hose adapter
  • Male to female adapter
  • Npt hose fittings

When it comes to your high-performance vehicles and boats, all your parts, no matter how big or small, need to be of the same high quality. That’s why, at Lost Racing, we guarantee you the highest quality products to get you moving faster, more efficiently and in the safest way possible.

The least of your concerns should be the reliability of the parts you purchase – they should be capable of withstanding intense pressure and applications. Our hose adapters are engineered to be durable and cope with the challenges that accompany high performance racing without the sacrifice of aesthetics.

Contact us today to enquire about our range of hosing and hose related products that are suitable for your high performance engines.