Hose Ends Perth

We have a range of hose end fittings, hose end caps, hose end connectors and banjo fittings

It would be to your disadvantage to secure and use high-quality hoses in your vehicle, without using hose ends of similar quality and standard. Automotive vehicles work along an interdependent system where one part relies on the next for successful performance. Your passion project – the car or boat which you put aside precious finance for – works much the same way. Each part is part of a larger whole with an intricate system of dependency based relationships. That’s why Lost Racing Products makes it their sworn duty to source, supply and stock the Speedflow range of strong, durable and reliable hose end fittings. It is a brand that guarantees peak performance and reliability.

The range of products we stock are researched, studied and cautiously selected for your benefit and vehicle’s satisfaction. When it comes to innovation, we know Speedflow leads the way with their technologically advanced products, offering hose end connectors, hose end fittings and hose end caps.

We also make it a point to stock hose tail fittings that facilitate the transfer of liquid and gas in your automotive vehicle. Hose end caps, though not necessarily the most overtly impressive part in your vehicle, perform an important function beyond just closing off hoses. It also allows you to preserve the quality that you searched high and low for when purchasing your hose. Sealing off the hose when not in use aids in the preservation and maintenance of the hose.

Our selection of durable hose end connectors allow for quick and reliable connections to your hoses as well as the efficient transportation of gas and liquid.

Banjo fittings

We also stock high quality banjo fittings, meaning all our products are manufactured using only the best material on the market and sourced from premium, well respected suppliers of high-performance products to the motorsport industry.

A banjo fitting is sometimes called an ‘internally relieved bolt’. The name of this fitting originates from the presence of a large circular section connected to a thinner pipe, which is somewhat similar to the appearance of a banjo.

They are designed and engineered for efficient fluid transfer – the difference between your car or boats standard of performance compared to every other competitor. Usually banjo fittings are used for automotive fuel, oil and hydraulic systems (for example, brakes and the clutch). The pipe connected to banjo fittings can be either rigid or a flexible hose depending on specific application.

Banjo fittings do not have to be rotated relative to the host fitting – the benefit here, lies in that this means it avoids the risk of damaging the hose when screwing the fitting into place. Furthermore, it allows the pipe exit direction to be adjusted relative to the fitting, while the bolt tightened separately. Finally, banjo fittings have proven to be particularly suitable in high pressure applications.

Contact us today to find the missing piece to your vehicle’s automotive excellence. If you would like to seek advice on which hose ends might suit your needs the best, please do not hesitate to call us on 08 9494 2210.