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Leading suppliers and fitters of Speedflow hoses, hose fittings and other race car parts

Lost Racing Products is one of Australia’s leading suppliers and fitters of Speedflow fittings and other performance parts for racing cars and high-performance boats. Speedflow is the premium brand of engine fittings in Australia and has been an integral piece of engineering excellence for more than 25 years – a testament to this is their permanent status as the brand of choice for top Australian race teams.

Speedflow delivers quality aluminium and steel hose ends and adapters that are second-to-none. The brand has become the official stamp of trusted quality and it has found its home, here, at Lost Racing Products. We take great pride in our status as the leading supplier of these first-rate performance parts, both to the WA market and the greater Australia region.

Our teams cater to workshops and individuals with interests in street cars, drag racing, as well as circuit and speed boat racing, supplying you with the best quality race car parts we can source. We supply innovative, high-quality hoses, fittings and associated products to the motorsport market in Australia. These products are uniquely designed and sturdily built with full flow hose ends, hose adapters and your safety in mind.

Our race car parts are not crafted by conventional means – as is the case with brazing – but are manipulated with specialised equipment to produce a compact, solid, one-piece bend, which makes them more robust and reliable than ever before.

Based in Perth, we are a well-established company with extensive experience, spanning more than 10 years in this fast moving industry. The highly qualified staff we employ has helped us become the local specialists in supplying and repairing high-performance parts for cars and boats. Our fully equipped workshop and store have earned us the reputation for being a company that cares about its clients, providing premium products and service at all times.

The smooth, uninterrupted running of a business requires a dependable network of suppliers and products. Invaluable experience is the hallmark of our commitment to excellence – it is the key component to ensuring we identify, supply and deliver the goods and services you need at the competitive prices you love.

We regularly stock a large range of products at our store – and on the rare occasion we don’t have what you are looking for, we will source it for you. Whether you need hose adapters, speedflow hoses, hose ends or valves in Perth, be sure to contact us.


We don’t just supply a range of hose fittings and performance hoses for racing cars and boats – we supply a host of the best brands in the motorsport arena regularly. By ensuring that we only deal with these established suppliers, we ensure you only buy the highest quality hoses when you buy from us. Performance goes hand-in-hand with effort so we never compromise on the standard we offer.

Hose ends

The thrill of racing is made possible by the recognition of just how important design is in bringing that excitement to life. However, it is also achieved by pushing the boundaries and testing the limits of engineering. When it comes to racing your car or boat, you need to be able to rely on your vehicle and boat at all times, which means all products need to be able to withstand the pressure that racing puts them under. That’s why the hose ends we sell are of the highest quality.

Hose adapters

Quality and dependability are of the utmost importance to our team as it has allowed us to grow over the years. Similarly, choice and variety are equally as important because they shape your racing experience the way you envision it. We stock a range of hose adapters to suit your racing car and boat requirements. Browse our price list and see if we have what you need in stock.


Every little bit goes a long way in engineering. The efficiency and suitability of each part serves a definite role in achieving results. We stock only the highest quality valves and household names in motorsports to guarantee that when you shop with us, you buy the high performance necessary for racing your car or boat.

Call us today on 08 9494 2210 for a comprehensive list of our motorsport products or simply visit our online store to shop online.

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