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JIC an Explained

It’s taken 50 years of concentrated effort to standardise the hundresd or so individual ( and incompatible ) plumbing systems that once existed.The military dubbed the new standards as “Army-Navy” ( AN ) and forms the basis of the current worldwide standard.A group of engineering concerns further developed this at  a “Joint Industry Council” ( JIC ) to reduce the variations still further Speedflow as with our competitors,use the JIC format as a basis for all the plumbing systems – so everything is compatible with everything else.You can now design your plumbing system and need be concerned only with how to mate the JIC format to whatever you have.

For reference,the threads used by JIC ( and AN ) are as follows.

Its easiar to show than describe,so...

The left side of this male-to-male fitting ( it’s actually an adapter ) is the JIC side,this is recognized by the 37 degree cone which provides the mating seal into a 37 degree “female” JIC port.This unit is called an adapter because the other ( right)side has a different thread – it effectively “adapts” a JIC system to another system

AN/JIC Fitting Identification Chart

Speedflow’s hose and fittings sizes are primarily based on the AN/JIC imperial system.

Dash sizes relate to hose or tube sizes in 1/16” increments.The drawings below depict actual sizes of our AN/JIC thread sizes shown in the appropriate dash number.Listed in the chart below all the relevant data relating to AN/JIC threads and diagrams for the B-Nut or Wire Nut sizes.

B-NUT Size Diagrams

NPT & BSP Fitting Identification Chart

NPT & BSP sizes do not measure their given size. Use the diagrams below to determine the correct size.

The chart below displays all information in regards to NPT, BSP & BSPP thread pitches and diameters.

Bosch 044 Fake Identification

Genuine is made in Czech Republic, M18 inlet, helicoil intake

Fake one is made Germany, M14 inlet, or m18 with no helicoil in intake (newer copies also say Czech Republic)

Stamping on pump housing is clear in genuine

B1 B2

Genuine has a Heli Coil insert M18X1.5 , Fake one does not have Heli Coil. Internel screen support is thinner in Genuine

B3 B5

In Genuine , the terminal location cast into end plate . Fake one it is stamped

B6 B8


g1 g2


f1 f2