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Suppliers of High Pressure Hose Fittings

Lost Racing Products knows that in this day and age – in the era of ever-advancing technology – it can be difficult to find useful advice and guidance about high performance parts, including hose fittings.  The diverse stock of high pressure hoses, fuel hoses, braided hoses, high pressure hose fittings and advice we provide is strictly experience-led. This is why we’re the trusted sources for hose suppliers and automotive hose fittings in Australia. We understand that high performance is not limited to a once-off stellar result but by consistently maintaining a standard and producing results.

Unfortunately, it is common that when considering the performance of your vehicle that hose fittings have been relegated to being a mere afterthought. However, just like any other component in motorsports and racing, hose fittings play an integral role and deserve their due attention. It is vital that this is not overlooked or carried out casually. Our trained personnel will ensure you make informed decisions that guarantee you get the best out of your vehicle and long-lasting service from your hose fittings.

Automotive hose fittings contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle more so than perhaps in the past due to the intricate details in modern engineering. Our state-of-the-art selection of premium hoses are flexible and durable, efficient at managing flow, high pressures and varying temperatures. They have been designed for the specific task of efficiently transporting coolant, alcohol, air, oil and lubricants.

The two definitive factors in choosing hose fittings focus on how much it will cost and the intended use. Our committed team of experts will provide technically sound advice that you can depend upon, they will walk you through your options and find one that suits your budget and your needs.

The staff at Lost Racing Products will ensure that you are equipped with the know-how to maintain your automotive hose fittings, covering aspects such as cleaning and inspection. Today’s hose fittings and high pressure hoses must be able to cope with the ever-increasing demands of advancing technology, powerful machinery and challenging environments.

Why you should choose Lost Racing products

  • Our advice will guide you and your vehicle to peak performance
  • We stock only the best brands for the best performance
  • Our passion for motorsport is rivalled only by yours
  • We are dedicated to providing hose fittings that are appropriate for your budget and your goals

For a wealth of experience and passion that promises you the best in high performance parts, contact us today. Our selection of high pressure hose fittings, fuel hoses and automotive hose fittings are also available online at our online store.