Valves Perth

High pressure ball valves and fuel check valve suppliers

Lost Racing Products provides an assorted range of valves to the motorsport market in Perth and wider Australia. With over 10 years’ experience as valve suppliers, we have an unrivalled understanding of the industry, and we only offer you the best quality Speedflow products.

Speedflow has been manufacturing quality valves for over 25 years. These valves have technologically evolved, becoming a resident feature in the quality parts we stock. We supply a range of different valves in various sizes that help to control non-return and fuel tank breathing.

Check valves go by various names including ‘clack valve’, ‘non-return valve’ and ‘one-way valve’. They are mechanical valves that are responsible for ensuring that either gases or liquids flow in only one direction, preventing and blocking flow in the opposite direction. Our selection of check valves are reliably manufactured for dependable, consistent performance.

We also stock standard ball check valves and high pressure ball check valves. Ball check valves employ a slightly different flow management system to those of the other check valves. They contain a ball that sits freely above the seat – it has only one through hole. The ball has a slightly larger diameter than that of the through hole. This ensures that when the pressure behind the seat surpasses that above the ball, liquid is allowed to flow through the valve. However, once the pressure above the ball exceeds the pressure below the seat, the ball will return to rest in the seat, effectively forming a seal that prevents unwanted backflow.

Speedflow’s redesigned one-way poppet valves are very popular in every aspect of the performance industry. These are hard anodised and include a silicone sealing O-ring.

Speedflow manufactures their own range of aluminium ball valves that are lightweight, beautifully machined and anodised at their Taree facility. They are available in two body sizes and four dash sizes to suit many applications including fuel, oil, water and air.

We supply a range of ball valves both online and in-store, and incorporate a panel mount option as standard with the ability to connect a cable to the handle. Constructed from 6061 aluminium body, handle, adapters and ball with a stainless steel drive spindle and machined Teflon® seals. The attention to detail and impressive engineering are very rarely seen on ball valves. It’s produced in Speedflow’s state-of-the-art factory and carries the same lofty standards as the rest of their range of products.

This is a compact, high quality unit that performs in a high performance environment as you have come to expect from all the products we supply.

Assistance you can depend on

At Lost Racing Products, we know the motorsport industry inside and out. We supply, install and custom fit a range of products for all types of racing vehicles, from drag racers to speed boats. Characteristic of our excellent customer support, we avail to you our expertise in valve fitting as well. We provide this service and assist you in our workshop at budget-friendly prices.

Our fully licensed and qualified team is available Monday to Friday for all your installation and custom fitting needs. Passionate about performance, please do not hesitate to request their assistance if you feel you need it.

Contact us today – we’ll get you back on track and in pole position!