Gates Barricade Hose


Speedflow has a long relationship with the Gates Corporation in supplying the performance industry with their quality hoses to suit our range of fittings. We are excited to now stock the Gates premium range of Barricade fuel injection hose. Check out the information on this flyer about the outstanding performance of this standard replacement EFI fuel hose to meet the demands of modern fuel blends. Installing Barricade protects the system against the aggressive fuel mixtures of today’s modern fuels, which can degrade basic rubber hose and result in customer comebacks. Plus with Barricade, you can be assured that you are complying with permeation laws, and providing your customers with the best hose available – all while being environmentally-friendly.

  • BEST-IN-CLASS working psi of 225 (for fuel injection)
  • Lowest permeation rate on the market 1 gr/m2/day
  • Exceeds California Air Resources Board ( CARB) and EPA requirement
  • Multi-fuel compatible: Approved for use with leaded and unleaded Gasoline, Diesel, Biodiesel†, E-85, 100% Methanol, ETHANOL and gasohol fuels
  •  Performs 5x better for permeation than the nearest competitor
  • Fuel injection engines,fuel lines, EEC/EGR, cars and light duty trucks
  • Air pump,PVC valve compatible with Gas/Diesel and Ethanol
  • Pressure rating : 225 psi (best-in-class)
  • Temparature : -40F to 302F (-40C to 135C) continous,upto 302F (150c) intermittent

What’s in the tank? Because there are so many fuel blends available today, there is no way to know what mixture of fuel is in your customer’s tank at any given time. You can’t predict how quickly these aggressive fuels will degrade conventional hose, and cause a failure that will bring your customer back to your shop. When you install Barricade Fuel Line Hose, you can be assured that you are complying with the law, providing your customers with the best product available, and protecting the system against aggressive fuel mixtures that can degrade the hose and result in customer comebacks.

1/4″ OR 6.35mm 485-04
5/16″ OR 8mm 485-05
3/8″ OR 10mm 485-06
1/2 “ 485-08

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  • Quantity is mesured in meters ( Eg. Quantity 3 is a 3 meter length hose).
  • If you want them cut for specific lengths send the lengths at the Checkout.